Vetting and Verification
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To maintain our high quality network of media professionals we vet all incoming creators. We ask for work samples so we can see the quality of work produced. For at least one work sample, we require a creator to verify their work. Once the creator has been vetted by us we will notify them with the results

Work Sample Information

On each work sample uploaded we ask for the service provided by the creator on the project. Multiple services may be added for one individual project. The section "Project Category" helps us determine the type of work the sample would fall under. "Covered Topics" allows creators to input keywords that define the project. It's important creators edit this information, as it can help potential clients understand what topics creators are familiar with.

Work Verification

Verifying work helps ensure that creators did in fact complete the work listed on their profile. We need at least one of the submitted projects to be verified for them to be allowed on platform.

To verify a work sample, please provide the name and company email address of the individual who commissioned you to produce that work in addition to general project information. The email address must follow the format; personal email addresses like and will not be acceptable (If the commissioning editor works under a personal email address, please send an email to letting us know which work sample you’re looking to verify).

Once you submit the required information, an email will be sent out to the person who commissioned you. This email asks the person who commissioned your work to verify that you saw it through. This message is written in a simple yes/no format which allows them to select “yes” to verify and “no” to reject.

While we only require one verified work sample, we do recommend you verify all of them to increase the quality of your profile.

Alternate Forms of Verification

If you’re unable to verify your work in this way, we offer other verification methods that you can leverage. You can verify your work with a valid IMDB Link, a work sample with a specific timestamp where we can find your name in the credits, or a Byline Credit.

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