Updating Creator Profile
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Your creator profile is one the most important factors in finding matching jobs. You should always keep it up-to-date, including adding new projects and videos.

Viewing your profile

To view your profile, select your Profile Picture in the upper right and click on Profile.

This view is very close to what potential clients will see when visiting your profile. Except of course that only you have the option of making edits.

Adding On-platform projects

Projects you completed on Glimmer are automatically added to your profile. Where possible, add a link to the final published project.

Adding Other projects

To add a project you worked on outside of Glimmer, select Add Project on your profile page. On the displayed dialog, enter your project information.

Brand/Client info

This information is optional, but if provided will allow us to verify your work. We will get in touch with the client to confirm your work. Verified work enhances your chances of getting hired.

Editing existing projects

To edit existing projects, scroll down to your project list and the project you want to edit. Select edit to change the details of your posted project.

Adding (video) links to completed platform projects

Once a project on Glimmer is completed, it does not include a detailed description or a link to the final published project. This is something you will need to add manually.

To do this, select the “Edit” link next to the project, then enter your project description. Next, look for the link section and enter a link to the published project. If possible, Glimmer will automatically create a thumbnail from this link. If not, or if you want to change the thumbnail, you can always select Change thumbnail and upload your own image.

What will be added automatically is the project title, the services you provided, and the review you received for this project.

Editing verified projects

Verified projects are those that have been confirmed by your reference or client. If you need to edit the video links of these projects, it will lose its verified status.

Pinning Work Samples

You may pin up to five work samples that you would like to showcase at the top of your profile. To use this feature, click on the Heart icon in the upper right-hand corner of the work sample.

Adjusting your personal information

To adjust your personal information, including name, bio, equipment, languages and more, navigate to Settings > Profile or Settings > Background.

You can update Home Location by visiting Settings>Basic Profile>Location.

You can update Current Location by visiting Settings>Options and unchecking "Match me with nearby postings based on my IP address."

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