Getting Started on Glimmer
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Getting Started

Before a creator applies to a posting, they should make sure their profile looks great. This is what clients will see before they commission a creator, so take the time to make it perfect!

Creator Checklist:

  • You’ve got three or more links to your best and most up-to-date work samples.

  • You’ve tested all your links and made sure they opened properly inside your profile page (check that your Vimeo settings allow your video to be embedded, for example).

  • You’ve selected which services you performed in each work sample.

  • Your location information is current.

  • Your profile photo reflects the professional image you want to convey.

  • You’ve selected thumbnails that make your work samples look amazing.

Once you've done that, you're ready to begin!

Apply to a Posting

Make sure to provide any relevant information about the type of access, expertise, or previous experience you have in covering this type of story. Remember, first impressions are key. If you are not based near the location of the posting or already have secured travel plans, please refrain from applying. Unless otherwise mentioned, brands are not willing to cover travel expenses.

NOTE: Please do not try to get official access or press permits from a government or organization on behalf of a brand or Glimmer unless you have written permission to do so. Please contact us at if you have any questions about applying for press credentials.

TIP: It’s always good to do some research on the client that created the posting before you apply so you can write an initial message or pitch that resonates with them. Mention if you've worked with similar media outlets. Be courteous, but no need to be super formal.

Define the deliverables and price

When discussing a project, make sure the deliverables and pricing are clear before accepting the offer. If you’ve chatted with the publisher by phone or Skype, it's important to summarize what you agreed upon in your project page after the conversation. That way everyone is on the same page, especially when it comes to pricing, deliverables and deadlines. This keeps everyone accountable!

You can generally negotiate the payment for a project if you feel you need to! We encourage you to message the brand and explain the reason behind your asking price. Once that has been agreed upon, you can make a counteroffer using the counteroffer button.

TIP: If you don't hear from the publisher for a while, send them a message on the platform. If your story is time-sensitive, let them know!

(If you are declined for a project, don’t be discouraged. Try again next time!)

You’re off to work on your project!

As with any professional project, always keep your publisher up-to-date with your progress. Each project you complete on Glimmer is reviewed by the publisher you worked with. A great review is an important step towards landing future commissions!

If you've negotiated to have your expenses covered, or if the brand had already agreed to cover expenses upon posting, ask them how they would like you to keep track of your expenses. We recommend keeping all your receipts. Before marking the project as done, upload copies of your receipts to the Details section of your project page.

IMPORTANT: If by any chance something unforeseen happens which may influence your delivery deadline, make sure to let your publisher know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Nothing is worse than getting news of a delay in delivery time at the last minute when the publisher is counting on your story.

*** Try your best to take a great photo of you while working on the Project - we pick a collection of the best photos and feature them on our blog, weekly newsletter, and social media pages. What makes a great #glimmer photo? Inspire brands with photos of you doing what you love!***

Get paid!

Once the client reviews and approves your work, they will mark the project as “complete”. You will then get a request to mark it complete as well, and your payment can be rendered! You should be paid out based on the terms laid out on the posting when you applied. Don't forget to keep your payment information updated in your profile.

TIP: Make sure to add a link of your published project to your profile once the project has been completed. You’ll find this at the top of the Project page; selecting the Add link to published project button will add it to your profile. For clients, working with creators they have never met can be daunting. A completed project on the platform shows that you’ve proven yourself with another client. The more projects completed and verified work samples you have, the more publishers can get a sense of your work, and trust your portfolio.

So what's next?

Once your story is published, let us know by tagging @glimmer, and...

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