Searching for New Postings
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Searching for New Postings

Creators are recommended work as postings become available, or they are able to look for postings at any time by selecting Find Work after logging in.

Each time a posting is created that matches a Creator's services, desired rates, and geographic location, it will appear in the Recommended tab in their Postings page.

You can apply to and view more information about a posting simply by clicking on the Posting card.

The thumbs down icon allows you to indicate you are not interested in a posting, giving you the opportunity to provide feedback on why it isn’t a good fit for you. On the other hand, you can “Save” a post by clicking on the banner icon.

In order to maximize the number of postings you can see as a Creator, be sure to update your profile with your current location, keep your profile up-to-date with your best work samples, and work on expanding your skills!

Enter the Pitch View

If the posting had a badge indicating it was a Call for Pitches, then clicking Apply will open up the Pitch view. Here you can provide the client with a few details about your pitch, such as a headline, a project location, and a short description of the pitch itself.

Provide as much information as possible in order to entice the publisher to the story, then click Submit.

Viewing Your Projects

Projects refers to your ongoing work - imagine these as the jobs you’ve secured and are now live. Your Projects page allows you to easily pull up all your projects in a single view.

To get started, select Projects which can be found on your homepage on the top left of your screen.

Here you will be able to access both your In-Progress and Archived projects. Note: Projects with un-viewed updates will be displayed in bolded text.

The Project Organizer allows you to filter by date of the last update as well as any project messages that are unread. In Progress includes all projects that are currently active. A red Confirm Completion notification or Review Offer notification will appear if the client has marked the project complete or has made an offer.

Archived includes projects that have been canceled, completed, declined, and paid. Clicking on a project in this tab will take you to the original posting, while clicking a Call for pitches project will allow you to view your proposed story.

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