Expediting Your Payment
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We try to pay creators as quickly as possible, but sometimes you may want your payout ASAP. We offer you the ability to expedite your payments for an additional fee, which means funds will be sent faster than usual. You can do this at the point of project completion or within the Payment tab of the project.

Expediting At Project Completion

If you wish to expedite your payment during the completion process, check off the Expedite Payment box under the Payout section.

Once the box has been checked off you'll see the exact fee you'll pay, any other service fees attached to the project, and the total amount of money that will be sent to you. If you're happy to move forward with expediting your payment, click Mark project complete.

You'll then be able to see the expected payment date within the Payment tab of the project page. You can also download a receipt if you wish.

NOTE: Depending on your business set up, these service fees may be tax deductible, so please check with your accountant or relevant tax authority.

Expediting from the Payment Tab

You can also request to expedite your payment after the project has been completed. Head to the Project page, click on the Payment tab and click on Expedite payout in the Payout section.

You will be presented with the terms of the expedited payout, including any applicable fees as well as the estimated payout date. Simply click on Expedite payment and the Payment tab will be updated to reflect the new scheduled payout date.

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