Creator Service Fee
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Glimmer works hard to provide new and valuable opportunities for creators and brands to manage and grow their businesses. Effective 2/23/2024, we have streamlined all creator fees into one unified 10%, providing more transparency to creators so they know exactly how much to expect upon project completion.

Creator Earnings Calculator

To calculate potential earnings for a given project, use the Creator Earnings Calculator located at the top right of the project page before you accept an offer.

Why does Glimmer charge fees?

We charge fees to maintain our operations, develop new features, and support our sales team to find new jobs for freelance creatives around the world.

Glimmer was founded by creators, for creators. We’re trying to solve the following challenges: finding new clients, developing trusting relationships with clients, working through paperwork with clients, finding new projects, pitching ideas to clients, building a global community and ensuring a timely and transparent payment process. We help solve these problems by: introducing creator portfolios to showcase your work, building a verification system to add credibility to your portfolio, matching you directly with clients, creating a system that forces clients to be transparent and clear with their postings, building a direct and group messaging system, developing budgeting tools, and designing a payment system to give you full transparency as to when you’ll get paid.

For clients, our creator management system helps companies adopt a creator model by providing robust project management tools, thus bringing more jobs to creators on our platform. We’ve built accounting software that allows clients to manage their budgets, streamlined their invoicing process so we can pay creators faster, and have standardized their creator contracts so they can confidently hire people quickly and easily.

All of this will provide you with a resource and a trusted partner to help you focus on doing the work you love and let us deal with the other stuff.


So you have a way for clients to invite their existing creator network on to Glimmer to simplify paying and hiring?

Yes, we do. We want clients to use our tool to simplify creator payments and hiring, as well as give them the ability to search through profiles to find qualified creators to serve their production needs. Additionally, they have the option to look into their list of “saved” freelancers and invite freelancers to a specific posting. Click the link to learn more about Inviting and Paying Freelancers.

What if I knew a client before I was hired by them on Glimmer?

Sometimes clients forget to formally add creators to their network on Glimmer or sync their existing network with the platform, so Glimmer’s system doesn’t know that there was a previous relationship. If that’s the case, email to let us know. You can get more information on getting invited to Glimmer by a client here.

What if I started a project prior to 2/23/2024?

Projects started prior to 2/23/2024 will be subject to the fee that was agreed upon at project commencement. You can review the applicable fee at anytime by visiting the Project page and referring to the "Price" section at the top-right of the page.

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