Glimmer Select (FAQ)
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Glimmer Select is a project-managed service for clients who want to work with an elite group of creators on briefs for larger projects. Whether for an advertising campaign, TV shows, web series, photo project, or integrated marketing campaign, Glimmer will match Clients with the right Creator for the job who can handle the production from start to finish.

What types of verticals or Industries do Select Clients offer services in?

  1. Media

  2. Financial Services

  3. Sports + Lifestyle

  4. Food

  5. NGO / Social Impact

  6. Beauty + Fashion

  7. Health + Pharma

  8. Consumer Goods (FMCG)

  9. Technology

  10. Travel

  11. Education

  12. Events & Conferences

  13. Real Estate

  14. Auto

  15. Other

What Services are Select Creators curated for?

  • Production Company

  • Line Producer / On Location

  • Senior Producer / Project Manager

  • Series Producer / Show Runner

  • Production Coordinator / Crewing

  • Podcast Producer

  • Social Media Producer

  • Non-Fiction Film Director

  • Creative Director

  • Content Strategist

  • Post-Production Manager

What types of content does this service offer?

  1. Animation

  2. Audio Podcast

  3. Case Study

  4. Corporate Video

  5. Digital Advertising

  6. Documentary

  7. Event Video

  8. Explainer/Demo

  9. Photography

  10. Interview

  11. Livestream

  12. Music Video

  13. News / Editorial

  14. Testimonial

  15. TV Commercial

  16. TV Show

  17. VR & 360 Video

  18. Written Article

  19. Other

How are Select postings different from normal postings on Glimmer?

These are postings for production management, strategy, and full-service content creation with budgets higher than $5000. Select Clients have been vetted at a higher level and typically have experience hiring Creators through Glimmer or their own extensive networks. All Select postings will be clearly distinguishable, decorated with a “Select” badge.

How can I apply to become a Select producer?

Currently, Glimmer is developing an onboarding and vetting workflow for creators to apply, but now we have limited Select to those who have worked multiple times with Glimmer as a client or as a creator on the platform who works on jobs with budgets larger than $5,000. We vet by verifying references, and ratings for managing projects of a comparable size and complexity.

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