Hiring a Creator
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Hire from the Project View or an Application

Once you’ve confirmed the details and requirements of your Posting, there are several ways you can hire a creator. To hire creators from within the project view, select Make Offer and enter the amount you've agreed on.

Here you’ll be prompted to enter an offer amount (made in $USD). You will see a breakdown of the project's total cost as you enter it, including Glimmer’s service fee. Selecting Make Offer will send your offer to the creator, where you'll be notified whenever they accept, counter offer, or decline.

Hiring from Pending Proposals View

The Posting view allows you to hire Creators from the applications they’ve submitted. To do this, select the dropdown menu on the right of the application and select Hire. Then enter the amount you've agreed upon in the window that appears.

Hire from a Creator’s Profile

You can also hire a creator by clicking Hire directly on their profile page. This is especially useful if you have a specific creator you want to work with and wish to hire them directly. After selecting Hire you will be taken through the usual project creation workflow, outlined here.

My offer is sent! Now what?

We’ve automatically notified the creator that you sent them an offer. As mentioned earlier, a creator can choose to accept your offer, send a counter-offer, or decline your offer. You’ll be notified when a creator accepts, counters, or declines your offer.

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