Declining Proposals
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Declining Proposals

Once you have moved forward with hiring a creator, it’s important to decline other creators who submitted proposals to your posting as a professional courtesy to them. This will also keep your Posting and Project pipelines organized.

Declining a proposal or multiple proposals

Multiple pending proposals selected with Decline and Send Message buttons can be found on the right.

You can decline proposals on a case-by-case basis or you can decline multiple proposals at once. To do so, select the applicable proposals in your posting, and hit the Decline button.

We highly recommend that you send a message alongside your decline explaining to a creator why you decided to decline their proposal. This way they won’t be waiting around unsure whether or not they got the job.


To make things easier for you and to provide freelancers with timely updates, unanswered proposals are automatically declined after a given time. Regular postings will be declined after 7 days and pitch postings will be declined after 14 days. Of course we’ll keep you up-to-date about these - on all related screens, you’ll see how much time is left to respond, and you’ll be able to view how long a posting has left in the Action Items section on your Dashboard.

Need more time to think about a proposal? Sending a message to a creator will allow the proposal to remain pending. We still encourage you to respond to freelancers with individual feedback where possible.

Auto-Decline After Making an Offer

When you make an offer to a creator you can also choose to automatically decline all other responses. As soon as the creator accepts the offer, we will decline all pending applications accordingly.

Note: This does not apply to pitch postings as these may require you to hire several freelancers

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