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Saved Messages and Message Attachments
Saved Messages and Message Attachments
Updated over a week ago

Glimmer’s platform messaging system includes features that help you better communicate with creators. Below you can find detailed steps on how to use the Saved Messages and Message Attachments tools. Both of these features are available when writing a message either in a project page or in your inbox. Look out for the Attachments and Saved icons to start using them!

Saved messages

Sometimes you might need to send the same message multiple times. You can save these messages and insert them with a click of a button. To create new Saved Messages, go to any message thread and click the Save icon.

Here you will be able to add a new message where you can create, edit, and delete saved messages as you need, as well as give them titles so you can differentiate between them. Just enter the title, what you wish the message to say, and then hit Save.

To insert a saved message into the message thread, just click the save icon and choose the one you want to use. The chosen message will automatically populate in the message thread, which you can pass along by hitting Send.

NOTE: You can always insert several saved messages into the same message thread.

Message attachments

If you need to send a document to someone, you can simply attach it to your messages. These attachments will become part of your message thread. If an attachment is an image or video, the recipient can preview them without the need to download. To send an attachment, click the paper clip symbol and select the file you want to attach.

Once you hit "Send" the file will then appear within the message thread below the message. NOTE: Any files that are added as an attachment will also be added to the Files section of corresponding projects.

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