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Changing an Active Project's Price
Changing an Active Project's Price
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In some cases you may need to raise the agreed rate of an active project. This can be done within the relevant Project page. Upon opening the Project, select Change Project Price.

From here, enter the new project price and confirm by clicking "Change Price." Your new Project Price will be reflected on the Project Page, but it's still helpful to communicate the change to creators.

Adding Expenses

If you’re curious on what may qualify as an expense you can read more about them here. To allow expenses, open the project page - you will find the ability to add expenses by selecting the Edit link underneath the Project Price. Select the Allow Expenses option to enable the creator to add expenses as they see fit. It is best practice for creators to add receipts from their expenses in the Files page on the project - that way you can review them as line items before marking the project as complete.

NOTE: Once expenses have been allowed, they cannot be disabled and are subject to our service fee.

Lowering a Project Price

It is not possible for users to lower a project price. If there is a need to lower a project price, please send a request to with the following details:

  • Project URL

  • Reason for lowering project price

  • Proof that the freelancer has agreed to lowering the project price

Additionally, please be sure to communicate to creator and changes in the project price.

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