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Switching Custom Contractor Agreement per Project
Switching Custom Contractor Agreement per Project
Updated over a week ago

Uploading Contractor Agreements

If your account is on a Pro subscription or higher, it’s possible to upload your Custom Creator Agreement terms onto the platform. This way, any Creator that you hire will be prompted to electronically sign your own terms rather than the default Glimmer Independent Contractor terms. Additionally, you can upload multiple custom agreements to the platform. That way when hiring creators you can choose which agreement you want them to sign for that specific project. To upload Custom Creator Agreement terms to your account, please contact your account manager. You will need to provide agreements in a Word document format. Once uploaded, you can review your company’s Custom Creator Agreements under the Assets & Legal section of your Company Profile.

Changing Agreement per Project

There will be one creator agreement that will be listed as the default agreement for your projects. In order to implement a certain agreement for a specific project you will need to change this on your desired Project Page.

NOTE: You can only change the creator agreement prior to making an offer! You cannot change the agreement on "active" or "completed" projects. To adjust your creator agreement for a specific project, go to the Files page.

Here you will find your Files, which allows you to upload and edit your legal documents attached to the project. The contract listed there will be the current contractor agreement. To change it, click the ellipsis button to the right and select Change.

Then, just choose whatever agreement you’d like to use and hit Update. After that, you can proceed to making an offer to applied creators as usual.

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