Canceling a project
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Canceling a Project

There may come a time where you need to cancel a project. This can only be instigated on the client’s end, meaning you will need to be the one to initiate a project cancellation.

When canceling a project, some best practices are:

  • Discuss with the creator the reason for the cancellation at the earliest possible convenience.

  • Try to work it out and see if there is a way to salvage the project.

  • If a cancellation is inevitable, be sure to agree on fair compensation for that work that has already been done.

  • Feel free to connect with your Glimmer account manager to explain what went wrong.

Begin by finding the relevant project in your Projects view.

Once you have selected the project you wish to cancel, click the ellipsis button at the top of the project page and select Request Cancellation.

Here is where you must confirm that you have discussed a cancellation with the creator, you have attempted to resolve the issue before committing to a cancellation, and you have agreed to a fair rate of compensation for the work that has already been completed. Upon marking the checklist, hit Continue.

After this step you will be asked to provide your reason for cancellation. You will be given the option of leaving a private note for Glimmer staff and the reason it did not proceed to completion. This will not be seen by the creator.

Lastly, enter the amount that you wish to pay the creator as a cancellation fee. Glimmer encourages that an agreement be made directly between the client and creator on the amount of cancellation compensation. However, if no agreement can be made, then please contact your account manager or Glimmer Support so we can assist you. Click Request Cancellation to submit the request.

At this point, the request will be submitted to the creator to confirm cancellation. The creator has confirmed the project will be marked as canceled. Please note, no review will be left on the creator's profile related to this project.

You will see the cancellation reflected in the project page immediately. If, for some reason, you need to undo the cancellation, you can also do so by selecting Undo Cancellation on the Project page.

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