Adding Followers
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Adding Followers

You will automatically receive notifications each time an action is taken by a creator on one of your postings or projects, whether this a new proposal, a new message, or the acceptance of an offer. Adding followers allows your colleagues to receive these notifications as well, so you can easily collaborate and stay in the loop on your company's postings and projects.

When viewing your posting or project, click Add Followers, then select the names of the colleagues you wish to add as followers on that posting. Once selected, they'll immediately begin receiving notifications for the posting.

Adding Followers from within the Project page:

You can add followers directly from the Project page by selecting the Edit link in the right hand column. There you will see a list of colleagues that you can add as followers, who will be updated when changes are made to the project.

If the colleague you wish to add as a follower doesn't appear on the list, you'll need to send an invite to that user via your company profile page.

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