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Organize Your Account with Teams
Organize Your Account with Teams
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Glimmer’s Teams Feature

If you are a subscriber to Glimmer, then you have the option to organize your account by team. Admins can assign users, projects, and postings to different teams to improve organization and control visibility across the account.

When a project or posting is assigned to a team, only users appointed to that team can view and collaborate on it. Account Admins are the only ones who can create teams and assign users, as well as access all teams.

How to Create a New Team

After logging in, select your profile image in the top right corner of the screen and click Company Profile.

Select the Members tab, where you can review all account users and their designated teams. Your complete list of company teams should be visible at the top of your Members page.

To create a new team, click Add Team. Enter the team name and description, then click the checkmark to confirm.

How to Assign a User to a Team

On the Members page, scroll down to locate the user you wish to add to a team. On the right side of the page, click the Teams icon and select the team that you’d like to assign that user to. Keep in mind that a user can be assigned to more than one team.

How to Assign a Team to a Posting or Project

Postings and Projects can only be assigned to one team - in other words, two separate teams cannot share the same project. Users will be prompted to select a team when creating a posting and will only have the option to add teams they’ve been assigned to.

Admins can assign a team after the posting or project has been created. To do this, locate the posting or project and click the Teams icon on the right side of the page and designate a team from the drop down.

You can always edit the team tied to a posting by selecting the posting, going to the details page, and selecting the Team options icon. You can then edit your teams from there.

Assigning Cost Codes & Story Codes to Teams

Glimmer now offers Admins the ability to allocate Cost & Story Codes to specific Teams. These codes can be assigned to one Team, many Teams, or no Teams. This makes it easier for companies to track spend by Team and can help companies stay organized by grouping Teams with different content categorizations. To add a Cost or Story Code to a specific Team, select the Teams Icon on the right side of the page in the Cost & Story Codes section.

From there, select the Team you wish to assign the specific code to. The chosen team will appear beneath the title of the code, and the two will be linked.

You can remove Teams from Cost and Story Codes by simply clicking on the "X" icon, which will remove the team from that particular code.

To learn more about the Teams feature, please contact your account manager or email


Assigning Teams to Managed Brands

You can also assign Teams to any of your Brands if you have access to our Brand Management feature. This allows you and your coworkers to stay organized across an array of organizations. You’ll find the Managed Brands feature in your Company Profile options.

To tie a Team to a Brand, simply select the Add Team Icon on the appropriate Brand’s card. Adding Teams to Brands can be helpful in managing your operations, be it tracking spend per brand or streamlining communication so only relevant Teams are involved.

You can remove a Team just as easily by clicking the X on the right hand side of the respective team.

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