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Advances & Expedited Payouts
Advances & Expedited Payouts
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The Advances feature allows you to issue a payment installment to a creator while a project is still ongoing. Here are a few points of consideration when it comes to advances:

  • They are charged to you the same way as project payments.

  • There is no limit on the percentage of a project that can be paid out as an advance. You can choose whether you’re advancing an amount for expenses or for the project itself.

  • Both you and the creator are able to initiate an advance. Once an advance has been initiated, the other party must review and accept it before it can be sent out.

  • If expedited, an additional service fee will be applied and it’ll be paid out to creators faster.

How to Initiate an Advance

1. On the project page, click “Pay advance.”

2. You will be prompted to fill in the following information:

  • Services provided

  • Location

  • Cost & story codes

  • What you’re advancing and for how much

3. Review the final advance. You can choose to expedite your payment, or you can select the checkbox to remove the expedite option.

4. Once you select Submit advance, a notice will be sent to the creator for review! If you ever need to check on any money that has been paid out on a specific project, then you can select the Payment tab within the project page.

Expedite Payment to Creator

Expedited payments can be selected while marking a project as complete. Scroll to the bottom of the project completion page and select the Expedite Payment checkbox.

By selecting the checkbox you will see the expedite fee, the expedite cost, and your new total. If you choose to move forward with expediting payment, then select Continue to be taken through the usual project completion workflow.

NOTE: The creator will have to "mark complete" on their end to finalize project completion.

Expediting Payment on Completed Projects

You can also expedite payment on projects that you have already marked as complete. Find the project that you wish to expedite payment on, head to the Payment tab, and select Expedite Payment on the bottom of the page (next to the proposed current payment date).

A window will appear with a breakdown of fees and the new estimated project payment date. Hit Expedite Payment to confirm your new payout date.

Reviewing Project Charges

You can review any and all charges in the Payment tab of a Project page. This section also highlights the date a creator can expect their payment once the project is complete.

If you need additional assistance with advancing, expediting, or any other payment related issues, feel free to reach out to your account manager or

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