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Guidance on Market Rates Per Service
Guidance on Market Rates Per Service
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How Much Does Each Creative Service Cost?

The short answer is: it depends. While each creator negotiates their own rates with you at their discretion, Glimmer sets floor prices for certain services on the marketplace. The advice and rate card at the bottom of this page serves as a high-level guide for market rates around the world.

Types of Rates

Day Rates: Day rates mean you've hired the person for 8 hours. If you go over 8 hours in one day, you can always add a half-day onto the creator's rate.

Flat Rates: When hiring someone for a flat rate, the budget is usually decided based on the scope of the project.


Equipment Rentals: Equipment rentals are not included in our suggested day rates. For high-end video production, special equipment is commonly added to the day rate, even if owned by the creator. Equipment costs can be added to an active project using the Expenses feature.

Location: Market rates are based on average price per service but can vary slightly depending on the location you are hiring at.

Use the standard rates below to help keep you informed when deciding on a budget for your project!

Suggested Rate Card:

If you have any questions about your budget feel free to contact us at and we are happy to suggest a competitive price range!

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