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Flagging and Blocking Features
Flagging and Blocking Features
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Flagging Messages

Communication can be difficult. If you feel the creator you’re working with is not using the message thread correctly and including offensive language, attempting to solicit payment outside of Glimmer, or anything else that you feel is fishy, you can flag the message thread. By selecting the flag tool, our Support staff will be notified and work with you to resolve the issue.

Blocking Creators

We understand things don't always go according to plan, and if you have an unfavorable experience working with a freelancer you should always contact your Account Manager or reach out to Once blocked, that specific creator will no longer be able to contact you, be hired by you, or view any of your postings.

How do I block someone?

If you do not wish for a specific creator to be able to contact you and wish to prevent them from viewing or applying to your Posting/Projects, you may block them. First, navigate to the creator’s profile page and click the ellipsis symbol on the right hand side to find the Block Freelancer option.

Do creators get notified if I block them?

No. The blocked creator will not get a notification when you block them. Only when a blocked creator tries to access restricted features (such as messaging a member of your company) will they see this message: "This publisher is currently not accepting messages from you".

Are they blocked for the whole team?

Yes. When a member of your team blocks a creator, that user is blocked for the entire company.

Can they see the notes I write when I block them?

No. The feedback you provide when blocking a creator is only for Glimmer staff so we can be sure they are following our guidelines and terms. This allows us to pursue further action when necessary.

Where can I see my company's blocked creators?

Blocked creators are listed in the Blocked tab in your Company Profile. You can view their profiles by clicking on their names in that section. This will be the only place on the platform where you will be able to 'search' for them, unless you have a link to their profile handy. You can block as many creators as you need to.

How do I unblock a creator?

Your company page will contain a list of creators you have blocked. If you select one of the creators you will be taken to their profile page, where you will see a blocking management option and have the ability to unblock a creator.

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