What is Glimmer Select?
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What is Glimmer Select?

Glimmer Select is an elite group of producers, directors, creatives, strategists and production companies that collaborate with brands, agencies and media companies on larger, global projects. Glimmer vets, matches and collaborates with Select producers to execute creative campaigns, shows, and marketing projects.

What are Select postings?

These are posting for production management, strategy and full-service content creation with budgets higher than $5000. The Select Producers have been vetted at a higher level and come from referrals by Glimmer clients and highly rated creators. All Select projects/postings will be clearly distinguishable on the platform by the Select badge.

The Select services are:

  • Production Company

  • Line Producer / On Location

  • Senior Producer / Project Manager

  • Series Producer / Show Runner

  • Production Coordinator / Crewing

  • Podcast Producer

  • Social Media Producer

  • Non-Fiction Film Director

  • Creative Director

  • Content Strategist

  • Post-Production Manager

Glimmer Select projects are only available to highly experienced producers and production companies able to carry out larger budget projects.

FAQ on Postings

Select postings are not immediately live. Instead they are reviewed by Glimmer's dedicated Success team to ensure top results. Upon review, publishers may be contacted for additional posting info. We may ask for clarification around budgets, deliverables, special considerations, and preferred delivery deadlines.

Once the Success team has enough information, they will hand select elite producers/production companies that best match the posting criteria. These Select producers will then be invited to apply to the posting for publisher's consideration.

From there, the publisher decides who they want to move forward with for the project. All along the way, additional support will be provided by the Success team where needed - from project negotiation, to production, and right through to final delivery.

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