Posting Checklist
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We've created a list for your reference that make up each individual part of a posting so you can get the most out of your applicants. We also offer a few tips so your posting can truly shine - take a look:
​Title: Providing a detailed title help communicate what your project is about and what services you're looking for.

​Posting Type: Distinguish if you are looking for talent for a specific service or if you are looking for pitches to formulate an idea.

Services Needed: Select the service that you're looking to hire for - remember, you can be hiring more than one.

Project Location: Where the project will be taking place. You can choose to source candidates from outside the project location or select an option to hire remotely.

Visibility: Select who can see your posting - all Glimmer creators, only your network, or if you wish to make it unlisted (meaning it will be invite-only).

Deadline to apply: Select a date that will be the cut off date for applicants. You can still hire applicants after this deadline, you just wont be able to accept new ones.

Description: Provide a detailed description of the project so that you can accurately prepare any applicants for the job. A few things that can make a thorough description are:

  • COMPANY OVERVIEW: 1-2 sentences about your company and your mission.

  • POSTING OVERVIEW: explain what this project is and what you want out of it (e.g. a 1-2 minute video for social media, or a one-man-band for an interview).

  • PRODUCTION: Tell applicants about the location, event, characters, if they're supposed to capture anything specific, or if they're to meet up with your team.

  • DELIVERY: Share your submission guidelines, whether it's via FTP, WeTransfer, Google Drive or mailing a hard drive.

Deliverables: What you are looking to get out of the project, such as "B-roll footage of trees" or "Two edits and a final five minute cut." This is the area where you detail all work to be done, so make sure to outline your deliverables clearly.

Key Dates: Provide any important dates an applicant should be aware of, such as a projects due date, a specific shoot date, or any important meetings they need to attend.

Budget: The amount that you will pay your creator can either be a flat rate (one time payment) or a daily rate (per day payment). You can offer a range you are comfortable with and negotiate with applicants as they come through.

Add-ons: Offer your creators something more and make your posting more competitive in the marketplace by covering their fees, covering their expenses, or expediting their payment. These perks will be denoted on your posting for all creators to see, making it a more coveted job.

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