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Requesting a Quote vs Hiring
Updated over a week ago

Glimmer offers two different ways to directly hire freelance talent:

  1. Request a quote: Provide a detailed production breakdown and request a quote from the freelancer

  2. Hire: Hire a freelancer and go straight to making an offer (provided you have an existing working relationship).

Below we’ll detail the two different workflows and the difference between the pair.

Requesting a Quote

Requesting a quote helps take the guesswork out of pricing conversations when hiring freelance talent. This option is available for people that exist outside of your network - usually first time hires or those you discover through our creator search experience. Instead of making someone an offer based on limited knowledge, requesting a quote will offer both flexibility and transparency to your negotiations.

After selecting “Request a Quote,” you will be prompted to provide a creative brief to your desired freelancer similar to what you would provide when creating a project.

Once this has been finished and sent to the talent you’re interested in, they will be able to review the complete creative brief and provide a quote for the estimated cost of the project. You can either choose to accept the quote they provided or issue a counter-offer to negotiate the project price. Once you confirm, the project will be underway!

Hiring a Freelancer

We offer a separate workflow for any creator that is already in your network, which typically indicates a previous work relationship. Since you are already familiar with the rates these freelancers charge, we give you the ability to make them an offer and hire them directly.

The creative brief will look similar to the one when requesting a quote, but with one exception: you will be prompted to send an offer for your project, inputting a rate that you think is fair for what is being asked.

Once your freelancer confirms your offer, your project can begin!

If you believe a freelancer should be in-network, but you do not see the option to click “Hire”, please reach out to

Why Two Different Options?

We understand that pricing conversations can be difficult, and we’ve heard from many clients that they often don’t know where to start. By providing you with two different workflows we can best address confusion that may arise when hiring new talent, while still providing an experience for creators familiar with you. Providing freelancers with project deliverables before an offer is made can ensure seamless communication and a better production overall!

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