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Setting Up Your Payout Method
Setting Up Your Payout Method
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Getting paid

In order to receive your earnings on Glimmer, you need to set up a payout method. A payout method specifies where to send your payment. As part of the setup, we require additional personal information to comply with government regulations.

How to setup your payout method

Log into Glimmer and click the profile picture at the top right of your screen. Once you select Settings you will be taken to the area that allows you to edit your payout method.

Select Payout, located on the left hand side of the page, and select Add a Payout Method.

Input your country of residence to receive a list of available payout methods.

Note: Not all countries will have the same payout methods for you to choose from.

Click Select next to your preferred payout method and confirm your personal information. Once you fill out the necessary information you can confirm your payout method by clicking Select.

It is important to ensure you are entering the correct information during your payout setup:

  • We will use your provided personal information to confirm your identity. Incorrect information may lead to delays in your setup and payment.

  • We will use your provided account information to send your earnings. Incorrect information will prevent us from paying you.

Common Problems

I’ve entered my account information, but still not have not received my payment. Why?

  • If signing up for a wire/bank transfer, please note the currency listed for this method.

    • Note for transfers to Turkey: Be sure to submit the IBAN that corresponds with receiving the currency listed. If TRY is listed, input the IBAN or account number associated with receiving local currency.

I’m entering my account number and receiving an error message. Why?

  • Be sure to only input the amount of characters needed for each field. Do not leave spaces before, between, or after characters.

I don’t have a routing/account number for my account. What do I input here?

A Glossary for the appropriate field information can be found below:

  • Bank Code = IBAN = Routing Number

  • Transit Code = Routing Number

  • Account Number = your unique identifier at selected bank

Changing or adding payout methods

You can have more than one payout method set up to your account, but you may only have one selected as your active payout method. We will use your currently selected method when paying out any earnings.

To add additional payout methods, follow the same directions described at the top of this article. To remove a no-longer needed payout method, select Remove via the ellipsis (three dots) button on your payout page. To select a different payout method, choose Select from the ellipsis button.

When switching to a new payout method, we recommend keeping your previous payout method around until you have successfully received a payout on your new method.

Available payout methods

Selecting your country will allow you to view available payout methods in your location. Some current payout methods include:

  • PayPal

  • Venmo

  • Bank Wire

  • Bank Transfer

  • Payoneer

Fees & Timing

Transfers to your PayPal, Venmo, or Payoneer account are free to you, and usually appear in your account within a few hours.

Bank and wire transfers do incur a fee. If you are transferring money in a currency other than US Dollars, a foreign exchange fee is also applied. See the displayed info when adding a payout method. These payouts usually require a few additional business days before they arrive.

Please note there may be some additional fees out of our control, such as:

  • Paypal, Venmo, or Payoneer may charge fees for withdrawing money

  • Your bank may charge fees for receiving wires

  • Your bank may charge fees for converting currencies

Verifying your identity

In order to ensure compliance with payment industry regulations, verification may be required. Verification refers to the process of gathering data on an individual or business and ensuring their data is correct. Verification requirements depend on a number of factors including your location and the payout method you use.

If you selected Payoneer for payout, then Payoneer may contact you for identity verification. For all other payout methods, we will notify you if needed, so please follow the provided instructions if we reach out.

Depending on your location your verification may include email address, proof of residence, a government issued photo ID, bank statement, or rental agreement. We are not able to pay out any of your earnings while identity verification is pending.

Tracking payments

Payment will be rendered once both you and your client mark a project as complete. You can track your next expected payout date from your Creator Dashboard. If the payment is expedited by you or the Brand you’re working with, it will be paid out faster.

You can use the Reports tab of your Glimmer page to monitor upcoming payments. You can also track a project’s payment date by visiting the Payment tab of the project page.

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