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Creator Advances
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Advances allow creators to receive payments while projects are still ongoing. Here are a few points of consideration around advances:

  • There is no limit to how much of a project payment can be paid out as an advance. Both you and the client are able to initiate advances. Once an advance has been initiated, the client must review and accept before it is sent out.

  • As with general payouts, any applicable service fees are subtracted at time of payout.

If expedited, advances are paid out to you more quickly than usual. Otherwise, you may check the Payment tab on the Project Page for when an Advance will pay out.

Accepting an Advance

You will be presented with the below button on the Project page when a brand submits an advance to you.

Selecting 'Accept advance' will confirm it, and we will communicate when you should be receiving your payment on the Project Page under Payments. Additionally, you or your client can expedite your advances to pay out faster.

Adjusting an Advance

When reviewing your advance you have the ability to request an adjustment.

Requesting an Advance

Click the three dots beside the action bar on your project page and click Request advance.

Input the description and total of the advance. You will see a breakdown of how much you will receive after the creator service fee is taken out.

Hit Request advance and a notice will be sent to the client, who will be able to approve or adjust the advance request. You will get notified accordingly. Once approved, you can track your advance payment under the Payment tab of the Project page.

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