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Editing and Reviewing your Postings
Editing and Reviewing your Postings
Updated over a week ago

Editing a Posting

Once you have created a posting and it has gone "live", you are still able to make a number of changes if you need to.

To start, select the Posting you would like to change and click Edit.

The editing view has the same options available as when you originally created the posting. Each section can be changed, however, services cannot be added or removed if you have already received a proposal.

Once you have finished making your changes, click Update Posting. The posting will be updated immediately and available to all creators who now meet the posting's criteria.

Alternatively, if you are looking to close the Posting completely and not receive any more proposals, you can hit Close Submissions. The Posting will no longer appear in your live Postings listing but can be found in the "Closed" postings tab. You can always re-open the posting within this same editing page.

Closing a Posting

In order to close a posting that is currently "live", click the Edit button from the drop down menu to the right of a posting's title.

This will then take you to the posting editing page. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and simply hit Close Submissions.

Once you have closed the posting, you will automatically be taken to the Closed tab of the postings page where the posting will now be housed. You can access this posting at any time in this view.

Reopening a Posting

In order to reopen a posting, go to your Closed tab in the postings page and find the relevant posting. Then select Edit from the drop down menu on the right of the posting title. Scroll to the Application section and enter a future date in the Deadline to Apply box.

Select your new proposal deadline, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and hit Update Posting to reopen your posting.

Reviewing your Posting’s Proposals

In order to review proposals creators have submitted to your postings, select the Postings tab and find the one you wish to review. Once you select your posting you will see a list of proposals under the Pending tab.

Featured Applicants

We've taken some of the work out of endlessly scrolling through applicants by featuring your top five creators thanks to our proprietary algorithm. We take into account your parameters when you create a posting in order to do this (such as services or preferred experience), showing you creators with services, locations, and experience relative to your posting. We will bold areas where there is a match, making it easier for you to make a hiring decision.

Apart from your posting requirements, a creator submits a written application explaining why they feel they are the best fit for the job. This gives you a little more context on a creators expertise and gives them a chance to explain any discrepancies between your posting and their profile. We also feature a creator's best work that is relative to what your looking for - for example, if you denote you need a creator with animal experience in your postings experience section, then we will show a creator's work that matches said experience requirements.

Making a Decision

Clicking on a creator's application card will take you to the project details, and you can navigate to their profile from there. This lets you view more details including additional work samples, services, and equipment. If your posting is a Call for pitches, the title of the creator's pitch will be included. You can read the full pitch within the proposal view.

Having a tough time picking a proposal right off the bat? As you review your proposals, you may want to favorite your top proposals by using the heart icon on the right. This will mark the proposal for you and potential followers to review later.

If you have enough context to make a decision, you can either Make an Offer or Decline an applicant directly from the card. If you choose to make an offer then you will be directed through the usual flow for doing so. Declining will remove the creator from your que and prompt you to leave a message explaining why they've been declined. If you wish to message a creator individually, just click on the creator's application card and message them in the project view. You can follow up with multiple creators at once with a single message (they’ll receive your message individually). Just select multiple proposals, and select the Send Messages button on the right in the view below. If you wish to message ALL creators, you can use the Message All link at the bottom of the page.

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