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Marking a Project as Complete
Marking a Project as Complete
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Marking a Project as Complete

Once you’ve received your required deliverables from your creator and are happy with them, you should mark your project as complete. To do this, find the relevant project from the Projects page. It will likely be flagged with a Ready to mark complete subtitle. You can also search for the project using the magnifying glass icon if you know the project you’re searching for.

Once you’re on the Project page you’ll find a button that reads Mark Complete. Selecting this will take you to the final few steps of finalizing your project.

Final Project Completion Steps

Before completing your project you have the opportunity to adjust and confirm the services provided by the creator as well as the location in which the work was carried out. You can also add or edit the Cost Codes attached to the project for more effective project management, or if you want to leverage any credit on a particular Cost Code.

Here is where you can review your project's total amount as well, which includes any expenses and service fees that are tied to it. Additionally, you can choose to expedite payment to your creator if you wish to ensure it gets to them faster. You can read more about the details of expediting a payment here. Once you’ve confirmed the total project payment, hit Continue.

Creator Feedback

The final section before completing this process will have you provide feedback surrounding your creator - both public feedback that will be displayed on the creator’s profile and private feedback that will only be viewable by Glimmer.

As mentioned, any public feedback you leave will be visible to all other clients, as it will be displayed on that creator’s profile. Please be as thorough as possible, as providing thoughtful feedback will help other clients in their hiring decisions!

Lastly you have the option of providing some private feedback. There are two sections here for you to fill out. The Notes section allows you to leave internal notes on the creator’s profile for your colleagues to see - this will be visible whenever a colleague selects the creator’s Network Profile. You can also send a private message to Glimmer about this project if you wish, or add this individual to Your Network if you really enjoyed working with them. Hit Submit Feedback once you're done, or Skip if you don't have any additional feedback.

DONE! The project is now marked as complete and Glimmer will handle payment to the creator. You will be able to see the date that the creator is expected to be paid at the bottom of the Payment tab in the Project page.

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