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Paying a Creator for an Already Completed Project
Paying a Creator for an Already Completed Project
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Submitting a Completed Project

Suppose you’ve already completed a project and you want a quick way to pay a creator, leveraging what Glimmer has to offer. You can do this the same way you’d create a direct project with them.

To start, find the creator you wish to pay for your project and click "Hire". You can do this by selecting People or selecting the My Network Card from your Dashboard, and then selecting a creator from your My Network Page, Saved, or Past Hires. If you need to invite a creator onto Glimmer first, you can learn to do so here. Once you find the creator you had worked with and wish to pay, select the Hire button.


A new window will open which will take you through our New Project workflow. This will allow you to outline your already completed project by providing the title, services, and project location. You can also tie this project to a Team, if you have access to that feature.


The details section has you outline project deliverables and key dates that might have been important to the project. Make sure you are thorough when filling these out to make sure everything in scope is captured.

The final part of this section will ask you to describe your project, which will act as a project overview. Once you’ve provided a well thought out description you can choose whether or not you’re ready to make an offer (as you would when you create a posting). Since this is for an already completed project, we’ll select that you’re Ready to make an offer.

Add-ons & Your Offer

This section will prompt you to attach any project add-ons, so make sure to select these if you had agreed to cover things like creator expenses. They will be reflected in your final payment to your creator, displayed after you type in your agreed upon offer.

Cost & Story Codes

Cost and Story codes allow you to categorize your projects. This can help ease the burdens of accounting, or make your projects generally easier to find for recordkeeping purposes. Cost Codes with Credits attached to them can also be used to pay for your project, which you can learn more about here.

Creator Feedback

Your final step involves leaving feedback for the creator involved in your project. It’s important to note that many clients consider this feedback in their hiring decisions, so please be honest and as thorough as possible. You might land someone a job because of it!

Once you click submit project, your creator will receive a notification that a project with you has been created. They will have the option to review it and mark it as complete, in which payment will be rendered through Glimmer.

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