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Spend Reports & Invoices Log
Spend Reports & Invoices Log
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With Glimmer reports you can easily track your account's project and creator spend.

You must be a company admin or a billing contact in order to view your company’s financial and creator spend reports. If you need to request this role, please contact your company admin or

Accessing Reports

To access click Reports in the top navigation bar.

Once you click into Reports, you'll see that you can toggle between Projects, Freelancers, Invoices, and Credits.

This gives you the ability to see your spend by project or by creator, view the status of your invoices, and check, add, or transfer your available Credit.

Projects Spend Reports

The Projects page will give you the yearly overview of all your spend on Glimmer.

At the top of the page you can get an idea of the key numbers: total spend year-to-date, average monthly spend, average project spend etc.

Please note: The displayed data reflects completed projects up until the current date. Exception being the Avg. Monthly Spend YTD and Avg. Projects Monthly, which include projects up until, but not including, the current month.

This data is accompanied by a graph that details your spend for that specific year, with added filters to allow for more granular tracking surrounding on-platform spend.

There are also a few toggles you can filter by in this view:

  1. Toggle by Year: You can look back at previous years' reports if your account has been active on Glimmer for more than the current year.

  2. Toggle Spend or Count: If you're looking to understand the number of projects completed, as opposed to amount spent, you can use this toggle.

  3. Toggle by Cost & Story Codes: You can isolate specific Cost and Story Codes to appear on the graph. Just click the ones you want.

If you scroll down you will see that there is an interactive list of completed projects. On the right of this you can download all this information into a CSV file.

Freelancers Report

Under the Freelancer Reports you have the ability to track your spend with each freelancer, the number or Projects completed and how many freelancers you’ve added.

We automatically show your top ten freelancers by earnings in the Top Freelancer Earnings Graph. You can view and download the full list from the table below the graph.

Invoices Overview

The Invoices tab allows you to see Glimmer invoices that are due and overdue. In addition, we let you know your total of all due invoices. You can filter by status of payment as well as organize by Story and Cost Codes. Otherwise, your invoice list is populated from your most recent invoice to your oldest.

Additionally, you can download copies of invoices by clicking the download symbol to the right of the specific listing.

Credits Overview

The Credits tab allows you to Add, Transfer, and keep track of all Credit you have on platform. Here is where you can view your available and pending Credit as it pertains to different Cost Codes, giving you a clear picture of your on-platform credit spend. The Add button allows you to load more credit onto specific cost codes, while the transfer button allows you to easily move credit from one cost code to another.

Additionally, you will be able to view both your unpaid and paid credit invoices. Your unpaid credit invoices are representative of your pending credit, which will not be available for use until the invoice has been marked paid by a Glimmer Admin. Your paid credit invoices on the other hand show a detailed history of credit that has been paid for and is available for use. All invoices are downloadable by selecting the download icon.

To read more about Credits and its usefulness, check out our dedicated help article here.

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