Insurance for Creators
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Eligible Instances

For conflict zones or hostile environments, we strongly urge the creator to be insured. Please consult the Council for Foreign Relations conflict heatmap to determine if your project falls within a conflict zone. It is the brand’s responsibility to make sure the creator is covered if you commission in one of these countries.

Obtaining Insurance

If insurance is required then please follow these steps:

  1. Publisher should make sure they have listed “Expenses Negotiable” on the project / posting page (see how here).

  2. The creator should go to the World Nomad’s website and enter the details of their trip into the quote fields. Once filled in hit “Get a Quote”.

  3. Select the “Explorer Plan” coverage option. Price will vary dependent on the details you entered.

    NOTE: Here are the main things that aren’t covered
    - Personal liability while you’re working (including volunteer work);
    - Working more than 5 meters above ground;
    - Working offshore
    - Working underground in mines, caves, etc;
    - Any on-going medical expenses once you return to your home country;
    - Anything else that’s listed in the General Exclusions and section specific exclusions in the policy wording.

  4. The next page they need to fill in the requested details and continue to payment. World Nomad accepts MasterCard, VISA, and Amex.

  5. Once payment has gone through the creator should locate the confirmation email with the receipt. The receipt should be downloaded as a PDF.

  6. The creator now goes to the relevant project page on Glimmer and adds the cost of the insurance as an expense. They also need to upload the receipt to the project’s Assets tab. See how to do this here.

For any emergencies please call us at 1-855-266-9797.

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