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Getting Invited to Glimmer by a Client
Getting Invited to Glimmer by a Client
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Glimmer is a creator management system that allows you to spend less time dealing with the administrative hassles and more time doing the work you love. For your client, it helps them manage their invoices and contacts, sign contracts and pay you quickly, as well as communicate with you via email or Glimmer’s mobile app.

How it works

1. Accept invite

Make sure to accept the email invite sent by your client so you are automatically connected with them on the platform. If you can't see it then please search your inbox for

2. Create a profile

The link in the email invite will direct you to create your profile on Glimmer. After this you will be guided through the profile creation pages which will prompt you to enter your basic information, add a profile photo, upload samples of previous work, and provide details about your professional setup.

3. Enter your payment information

Once your basic profile has been set up, you will be directed to your profile page. The next step is to add your payment information. Click your profile picture in the top right corner and select Settings to get started.

In the Settings page, select Payout from the options on the left of the page and hit Add payout method to get started. You can then select your country of residence from the drop-down menu to see what payout methods Glimmer offers in your location. If you have any questions along the way please consult our help article or reach out to

4. Join a Client’s Network

The client who invited you will receive a notification and your profile will appear among their list of In-Network Creators. They are then able to hire you by finding your profile on their My Network page by clicking Hire.

5. Accept Offer

Upon clicking Hire the publisher will enter the details of the commission. You will receive an email notification that they've made you an offer. You then just need to accept the offer and electronically sign your contract with the client.

6. Get paid

Once the project has been accepted and marked as complete by both parties, your payment will be logged. If you wish to view more details regarding payout you can do so from your Dashboard, which will chronicle your next expected payment date and amount. You can also see the expected date of your payment within the relevant project page. To avoid any delays, make sure you have added and selected your preferred payment method.

For any questions about Payoneer or payment processing please check our Payments FAQ page here or get in touch with us by emailing

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