Payments FAQ
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How does payment work on Glimmer?

One of the biggest problems for creators in our industry is getting paid on time, so we’ve gone to great lengths to try to solve this problem. We will always communicate to you when you will expect to be paid upon project completion. Once both parties mark a project as "complete," Glimmer will bill the client the amount owed and complete the payment to the creator. Creators do not need to worry about invoicing clients or chasing late payments.

We also offer workflows for advances and expenses for a nominal fee.

How do I know when I'll get paid?

In an effort to pay creators quickly and more efficiently than ever before, our payment terms have been updated from the standard 30-day window from project completion. Now, creator payments are aligned with the client's net terms with Glimmer or within 14 days from when the client remits payment to Glimmer - which ever comes first! When applying to a posting, the "Payment timeframe" will always be displayed so you'll never have to wonder when your payment will be issued!

How much do I get paid?

You work out your rates directly with your client the way you normally would. Sometimes money transfer or currency conversion fees may apply, depending on the payout method and currency selected. You can review the fees associated with your available payout methods when adding them to your profile. Feel free to use the counter-offer tool when you negotiate and let clients know if they’ve posted a project under the market rate.

How do I get paid?

We have partnered with industry leaders Hyperwallet & Payoneer, which allows us to offer multiple payment and currency options including bank transfer, wire transfer, Venmo, Paypal, and prepaid debit cards. Click here for more information about payments.

What if I started a project prior to 11/9/2023?

Projects started prior to 11/9/2023 will be subject to the fee that was agreed upon at project commencement. You can review the applicable fee at anytime by visiting the Project page and referring to the "Price" section at the top-right of the page.

How do you help creators get paid in a timely manner?

Once a freelancer completes their payout method registration, payments are automated and can be tracked with the Reports tab. We work out the payment terms with the client, so they can hire as many creators as they want without extra approvals or needing to process extra invoices. Then, we handle all the e-signatures for their standard contracts, pay creators in over 192 countries, track each invoice by budgets, and handle all tax reporting at the end of the year. On the creator side, we offer something similar: a one-time payment setup allows creators to be hired by multiple clients anywhere in the world, without the hassle of additional paperwork or tracking down payments with multiple clients.

As a reminder, we offer full transparency when it comes to payouts, making sure that the creator is aware of when their next expected payout will be. Once a project has been marked complete by a creator and a brand, the creator's expected payout date will be visible on the project page. Additionally, a creator can view their next expected payout date from their Creator Dashboard, which also displays the amount they should expect to be paid.

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