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Navigating Your Creator Network
Navigating Your Creator Network
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Your In-Network Creators

An in-network creator is one that you’ve invited to join your collection of creators, either by inviting them to join you on Glimmer or adding them after a completed project.

To invite a creator onto our platform, select My Network from your Dashboard to navigate to the My Network page, and then click invite to send an email invite to a creator. This will prompt you to enter the creator’s First Name, Last Name, and Email address.

An invitation will be marked as Pending until the creator completes sign up. Click View Pending to see which creators haven’t completed sign-up. If any have any expired, you can always resend them.

Once your creator completes sign-up, their profile will be added to your network.

Network Size

Check out the size of your network on the My Network tab. All invited creators and pending invites will be represented in your Total in-network creators. Keep in mind, there is no limit to the amount of in-network creators you can have. The possibilities are endless!

The benefits of inviting your network

There are lots of benefits to inviting creators and building your network on Glimmer:

  • Keep track of your best talent and view network utilization stats

  • Clear picture of work history across the account and per specific creator

  • Quick and easy rehiring

  • Automated invoice creation

  • Simplified electronic contracting

  • No vendor set up

Creators love working on Glimmer too! They’re offered perks such as:

  • Flexible payout options

  • Downloadable earnings reports

  • Payment transparency, making it easier to track payouts for completed work

  • A dedicated creator support team

  • Opportunities to discover gigs around the world

Find & Hire Invited Creators

As soon as a creator has finished setting up their profile, they will be added to your network. Scroll down or use the search tools to find the person you're searching for. Click Hire to start a new project with them, which will take you through the regular project workflow.

Saved Creators

Sometimes you may have been so blown away by a creator’s work that you want to save them for future use. This can be accessed from My Network through the Saved tab.

To save a creator, all you have to do is select the Saved button the the creator’s profile. They will then be moved into your Saved tab for you to access whenever you want. Check out your list of current saved creators here.

Benefits of Inviting Your Networks

The suite of creator management tools built into Glimmer means you spend a lot less time managing your lists of creators, working out or signing contracts, managing multiple projects at the same time, and issuing payments to freelancers.

Share Resources Across Teams

If each member of your team invites their network, then colleagues can use the Search tool as an interactive rolodex to source the creators they need. Internal referrals no longer need to be through a long email thread.

Speed Up Payments

If all your creators are paid through Glimmer, your finance team only needs to handle one inclusive invoice a week for all completed hires the week prior. We handle creator payments once the project is complete so you no longer have to set up creators as vendors, field questions about payment dates, or handle tax issues. (Read More)

Track Your Creator Spend & Budgets

The Reports page (available to Company Admins) is an interactive dashboard that shows you how much you've spent through Glimmer. The numbers can be broken down by cost codes, story codes, and other filters. By hiring all your creators through Glimmer, you will be able to track your spending and have a complete overview of how your money is being used. This information can be especially valuable to your finance team when considering future budgets (Read more).

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