Navigating Creator Profiles
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Creator profiles aim to provide insight into a creator’s past experiences, allowing you to make an informed decision before you hire them.

General Information

General information about the creator is located at the top of the page. This includes their name, home location, last known location, their rates, a list of the services they offer, and a little bit about themselves. Click Show More for more details, such as their equipment and known languages.

Reviews and Past Work

A creator’s Reviews section offers a breakdown of the number of reviews they have received through Glimmer, the services they have been reviewed for, and the average star rating per review. On the right hand side are individual written reviews with badges that denote the organizations the creator has worked for.

You can also view the creator’s work samples from their profile, which may help you get a better idea of their capabilities and if they are right for your project. These work samples may sometimes have a review tied to them, allowing you to see how previous clients felt about their work.

Taking Action on a Creator Profile

There are a few actions you can take when visiting a creators profile, which are listed below:

  • Hire enables you to hire the creator directly from the profile.

  • Message allows you to begin a conversation with them through out messaging function.

  • Save adds them to your list of saved creators.

  • Invite to Posting allows you to invite them to a specific posting (Accessed through the ellipsis button).

  • Block prevents the creator from viewing your postings, and your team won’t be able to hire them (Accessed through the ellipsis button). You can read more about blocking a creator here.

Your Info & Creator Network Profiles

The Your Info page shows the existing relationship between you/your colleagues and this creator. This will take you to the creator’s Network Profile, which lists information such as active projects, completed projects, and internal notes that are only visible to members of your company. This page will also show you particular metrics regarding the specific creator, such as how much you have paid this individual over the course of your relationship. The projects listed here will only highlight those that a creator has completed with your specific company, making it easier to browse their catalog of work.

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