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There is a ton of fantastic talent on our platform - in fact, Glimmer is home to over 50,000 creators around the globe. So with all that talent, how do you find the right one for you? Gimmer offers three options:

  1. You can Create a new Posting, setting your desired specifications and wait for relevant creators to apply

  2. Use our on-platform Search function to filter through our Creator Marketplace and find ones that match your needs.

  3. Look through our Creator Portfolios, which showcase our creators and previous work they’ve done.

Searching for a Creator through our Marketplace

If you’re not sure where to start, Glimmer offers the ability to search our entire collection of creators that have signed up onto our platform. To begin your search, navigate to the My Network card on your Dashboard or the People tab on your top navigation bar. Once there, select the Search tab, where you will be able to browse our database of creators using a few different filters such as:

  • Name - Search for your desired creator by name (we recommend using First and Last name for a more accurate search).

  • Service - Browse creators by the services they have listed on their profile.

  • Location - Filter by location to see who is currently available in that area.

Remember, you can do a variation of filters to narrow down your results, such as searching by Service + Location.

Once you click the search icon you'll be shown those that match your criteria. You can further filter the results you receive by Rating and Language if you require.

The search results will appear as snapshots of freelancers profiles. These include services they provide, their last seen location, and links to some of their recent work.

Additionally there are a number of actions you can take directly from this view:

  • Hire - If you’re interested in hiring this specific creator you can hire them directly.

  • Invite to Posting - If you have an existing posting that you believe this creator is suitable for, you can invite them to apply.

  • Message - Start a private conversation with the creator.

  • Save - Add them to your Saved network of creators so you can easily find them for a future project. You can access your saved creators from the Saved tab at the top of the page.

Creator Portfolios

Creator Portfolios display a comprehensive breakdown of a creator's talent, experiences, and previous work. These let you get a better picture of who you're working with, ensuring that you choose the perfect creator for your desired project. These are different than on platform profiles, as you can access these without being a member - however, you must sign up before starting a project with them. Want to browse thousands of portfolios from our list of creative talent? Head over to

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