Creating a New Posting
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How Do I Create a Posting?

Tired of searching and filtering in People to find the best creator for your needs? Creating a Posting will result in matches with exemplary creators for your next project. To get started, select +New in the top right corner of your global navigation.

When creating a new Posting, you can select from the two different types we have to offer:

  • Select Posting to set up a posting for a specified service or a call for pitches around a topic or theme of your choosing.

  • Select Project to offer to hire a specific creator by name.

Your Posting Overview

When creating your posting, we ask for the details of your project to match you with the best possible hires. Make sure you provide thorough information about your Posting so creators understand the scope of your project.

First, enter a clear and concise title that mentions what you're looking for. For example:

  • “Barcelona at Night: Looking for a Video Journalist”

  • "Rushes from political rally in Des Moines"

  • "B-roll and interview at Miami event needed [FOOTAGE ONLY]"

Next, you will select whether you want to find talent for a specific service or find story ideas via a call for pitches. You can read more about all offered creator services here.

The last part of this section calls for more details regarding a location. The project location specifies where the project will take place and will reach creators in that given area. However, you can choose two additional options when creating a posting.

The work remotely checkbox allows you to source creators from anywhere by signifying the work can be done remotely. Additionally, some creators are more than willing to travel for work, so we offer the option to source candidates from a different location. This option allows you to search areas outside the project location for your ideal creator but still signifies that you want the creator to be on-site for the project.

Visibility of your Posting

Visibility determines which creators can see a posting. There are three options you can choose:

  1. Anyone on Glimmer: This opens up the buyers posting to all of Glimmer, meaning anyone on the platform can apply. These postings will be matched with qualified candidates on Glimmer based on the parameters buyers set throughout the posting.

  2. Only My Network: This means that only creators who belong to your “In-Network Creators” list may apply. In-network creators are formerly off-platform creators that have accepted your invitation to join you on our platform. You can read more about your network here.

  3. Unlisted: This posting will not appear anywhere on Glimmer and will need to be sent directly to a creator for them to apply to it.

When it comes to selecting a timeframe for posting applications, you can choose between two options:

Select a date will allow you to choose a specific date in which your posting will close. Selecting within 24 hours will cause a posting to close within that time frame. If you choose the 24-hour option, your posting title will automatically include [URGENT], telling creators that the posting won’t be around for too long.

Posting Details

The Details section gives you the opportunity to provide more information about your posting. Providing more details surrounding your potential project gives you the opportunity for more accurate matches and gives creators a better scope of the work to be done.

Describe your project lets you get more specific on project details by spelling out to creators what exactly it is you’re looking for. We encourage you to be as thorough as possible, as it will help creators better understand your needs.

Deliverables let you clearly define the items you expect from a creator. They can be anything from “B-Roll Footage of cats” to “A 2 minute cut with original audio.” Providing clear deliverables decreases confusion around what needs to be done and sets clear parameters of what is expected from creators to avoid unnecessary work.

After defining your posting, add a few Key Dates if necessary. These are any critical dates related to the project, such as:

  • Estimated shoot date: The potential time frame that a shoot may happen

  • Exact shoot date: The exact day a shoot will happen

  • Completion deadline: The date by which the creator must complete the project.

  • Key meeting: A date that may be important to the shoot, such as a table read, a meeting with location scouts, etc.

The last part of this section will ask you to add examples for reference - this is any video you think could be used to give people a clearer picture of what you’re looking for. Examples help provide additional direction to anyone interested in the project who still needs clarification on the description or deliverables.

Your Posting Budget

Enter the compensation range that creators can expect to be paid when applying to the posting.

Remember that as a marketplace it's up to you to decide how much to pay, and creators can always counter your offer. Rates can vary depending on location, services, deliverables, and skill level. Our rate calculator can help you determine how your prices compare to the rates that our creator community sets for themselves. Contact your Account Manager if you need guidance on current market rates.

You can also switch between rate type:

  • Flat Rate: A rate covering the entire scope of the posting. This option is excellent if you have clearly defined scope.

  • Day Rate: The rate per day a creator works on your posting. This option is best for crewing up and breaking news projects.

Enter the estimated number of days you will need to hire a creator. This is non-binding, and is used to help creators calculate compensation, establish project scope, and determine availability.

Posting Add-Ons

The final step before a posting can be published allows you to select Add-Ons. You can attach these optional items to your posting to potentially make it more desirable to creators. These add-ons can be applied to your posting or a project later on, but they can not be switched off once activated. Currently, there are two different add-ons you can offer creators:

  • Cover Creator Fees: You can choose to cover the creator’s Glimmer fees. You can learn more about our creator fee structure here.

  • Cover Itemized Expenses: Covering itemized expenses lets you cover a creator's expenses during the project. These can be any unexpected costs related to the creator completing the project, such as permits that weren’t accounted for. The creator can update their expenses at any time up until project completion. These expenses are subject to our service fee.

Once you've finished, click Publish Posting. Creators matching your criteria will be notified and you'll receive emails as applications come in.

Alternatively, you can save your posting by clicking Save Draft if you're still getting ready for it to go live.

We’re excited to see what great postings you offer up on Glimmer!

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