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Cost Codes & Story Codes
Cost Codes & Story Codes
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Implementing Cost Codes

You can apply cost codes and story codes to any projects for use by your finance department. If you don't already have use of Cost Codes on your account and wish to enable them, please get in touch with your account manager. To edit the Cost Codes listed on your account just go to Company Profile.

Click to the Cost & Story Codes tab. Here you can easily update cost codes and story codes as needed.

  • To add, type in the Code and hit ENTER.

  • To delete, click the X next to the existing Code.

These codes will now be available for Editors to use and will appear batched on your Invoices as well as within your Reports.

Adding a Cost Code within the Project View

Cost and story codes can be applied to any projects within the project page, whether they are pending, active, declined, canceled, or completed projects. You will find the Cost Codes section within the Details tab of the project page. Hit the Ellipsis (three dot) button to edit the codes.

Choose your cost code and story codes, and hit Update.

The cost codes will now appear. You can edit these details at any time by just clicking the ellipsis button again.

Adding Cost Codes Upon Project Completion

You also have the choice to adjust or edit cost codes when you are marking a project as complete. A Cost Codes section will appear within the Project Information page that opens after hitting the Mark As Complete button. Just hit Edit, input your values, and hit Update Cost Codes. Select Continue to proceed with the project completion.

Cost Codes & Invoices

Cost codes and story codes will be suitably listed within invoices. Projects will be automatically grouped by cost codes, while the projects' story codes will appear within the Story Code column.

At this point, cost codes are still editable so, if there is an error, you can just navigate to the Projects page, find the relevant project you need, and edit the cost codes as required.

You can then re-download the edited invoice from the Invoices tab in the Reports page by clicking the download symbol to the right of the relevant invoice and project listing.

Cost Codes & Credits

If you are a company admin, you have the ability to assign Credits to Cost Codes. Credits are Glimmer’s proprietary prepayment system, and can be helpful when it comes to budgeting. You can read more about assigning Credits to Cost Codes, as well as the Credit system, here.

Cost Codes & Teams

Cost codes can be assigned to specific Teams, making it easier to track spend or categorize projects. You can read more about the process of assigning Cost Codes to Teams here.

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